Brazos Valley Astronomy Club

Brazos Valley Astronomy Club

Members of the Brazos Valley Astronomy Club are an enthusiastic group of amateur stargazers who live in and around the Brazos Valley of Texas. The talents of the members range from purely observational astronomy to planetary and deep sky observation and photography.

Why do we gaze at the heavens? For some of us, it is the thrill of the hunt for that faint object. For others, it is the satisfaction gained by creating that perfect image. Some find the most joy in sharing the beauties of the sky with newcomers to the heavens, and others just enjoy a few quiet hours under a dark sky. Whatever your reason for wanting to gaze at the stars, we invite you to join the Brazos Valley Astronomy Club.

Benefits of Membership

  • You become a member of the Astronomical League.
  • You receive the Reflector magazine.
  • You gain access to members-only star parties
  • You hear exciting and informative astronomy-related presentations at the monthly meetings.
  • Weather permitting, you can participate in observing sessions after the meetings.


The purpose of BVAC is to provide astronomical education, recreation, and research for its members and the public. We get together for star parties as well as club meetings with invited guest speakers to talk about astronomy and astrophysics.

The Perfect Hobby

The BVAC is a non-profit group promoting astronomy and related science as a hobby for people of all ages in the Brazos Valley. We especially enjoy getting out to dark sky locations and really going deep, and our star parties are generally scheduled around the new moon.

celestial event super moon

Celestial Events

From meteor showers to conjunctions, a wide range of celestial events set to grace the skies in 2018 are identified.

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crab nebula messier object


Images of 110 galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, known as Messier objects, are compiled in a gallery.

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note stating monthly meeting every third Friday


Get meeting time, location, and dates. Maps are available to help you find your way to our meeting location.

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Contact information is available for our Yahoo Discussion Group, e-mail, Facebook, and affiliations.

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You do not need to own a telescope to join this group. A fantastic reward of joining this group is that members who own telescopes share what they are seeing with others. You will never find a nicer and more generous group of men and women than those who belong to the BVAC.

Photo Credits:

The first image in the carousel at the top of the page, the Andromeda Galaxy, was taken by Randy Light. The last image in the carousel, the moon, was taken by Ginger Wentrcek.

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