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Astrophotography and Astro Video - The Work of BVAC Members

Members of the Brazos Valley Astronomy Club have taken some exceptional astrophotography and excellent astro videos of objects in near and deep space in our solar system and universe. They look so professional, and are captured in such fine detail that, when you look at them, it almost seems as if you are hitching a ride on the Hubble telescope or looking through the eyepiece of a telescope in one of the giant observatories on a mountaintop.

Photo credit:
Image at the top of the page - Triangulum Galaxy by Randy Light

Astrophotographer: Randy Light

Click on the image of Randy Light and be transported to some of the coolest deep sky, solar system, solar eclipse, and wide field astrophotography you have ever seen. They are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Randy Light

Randy Light

Astro Videographer: Tom Campbell

For International Observe the Moon Night 2017, Tom Campbell took a video of the Moon through a high-power eyepiece in his 12" reflector telescope and watched it drift across the field at the speed of Earth's rotation.

Watch the Moon as seen through Tom's Zhumell Z12 telescope with a smartphone attached. The eyepiece he used produced 417X magnification.

Astro Videographer: Derek Kuhl

Derek Kuhl compiled a time lapse video with a Sky Sentinel all sky camera on 12/10/12. The pass occurred at 18:23 and reached a maximum altitude of 88 degrees and a magnitude of -3.4.

This is an edited and compressed video of the Venus transit of June 5, 2012. The video includes first and second contact. The skies were reasonably clear in Bryan Texas, for the transit event. As you can tell, it was already a quite warm day and the transit occurred in the evening so the seeing was quite poor. However, first and second contact are clearly seen. First contact occurs at 0:45 on the lower quarter of the edge of the sun. Second contact occurs at 5:04 with the thin rim of Venus' atmosphere visible for the 20 seconds prior. Final image scale was 0.22 arc seconds per pixel. Video was taken in HD with a Canon EOS T3i.

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