Brazos Valley Astronomy Club
Brazos Valley Astronomy Club outreach activities

Community Outreach Activities

Brazos Valley Astronomy Club members participate in community outreach activities to promote the science of astronomy. Often, children who participate in these activities get a chance to look through a telescope for the first time, seeing faint fuzzy galaxies, the moons of Jupiter, or the rings of Saturn. One never knows if that first experience might change the course of destiny for some child who was enamored with the images he or she saw through the eyepiece.

Members also work with teachers to introduce them to astronomical concepts, experiments, and equipment. BVAC members participate in teacher staff development exercises, giving them hands-on opportunities to further their knowledge of astronomy.

It is exciting to see that spark when someone experiences something new and exciting, regardless of age, and BVAC members are priviledged to have that opportunity.

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