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lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

The moon is going to give us a great show on January 31, 2018, when it will pass through the Earth's shadow. Weather permitting, you should be able to see the lunar eclipse if you can find a location that is high enough to see the moon when it is close to the horizon.

Where to Look

Look to the West-northwest. Be sure to search for a location ahead of time that will give you a clear view of the horizon. The eclipse will end when the moon is below the horizon in the Bryan-College Station, TX, area.

Another Name for This Moon

This moon is sometimes called a "blood moon" because it will turn a beautiful red color in totality. The moon appears to be a reddish color when a supermoon is in a full lunar eclipse. The term "blood moon" is thought to have origins in the Bible (Acts 2:20).

The following table provides lunar eclipse information for the Bryan-College Station area.

Date Eclipse Type Begins Maximum Viewing Ends Note
January 31 Total 4:51 am 7:15 am 7:19 am Since the moon is close to the horizon, be sure to have a clear view of the horizon to the West-northwest.
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